MacArthur Annual Meet 2022

27 Sep, 2022
Dr. Jayanta Mitra from the Just Transition project at TERI along with Mr.Girish Sethi, Senior Fellow and Senior Director at TERI had attended the Annual Meet of the MacArthur Foundation at Chennai from the 27-29th of September 2022. Additionally, I'm also attaching the event details so that you can try uploading it from your end. In case it is successful then I'll send details of the other events as well in a similar format. Do let me know.

WSDS 2022-Thematic Track: Responsible climate action towards a low carbon & resilient pathway

16 Feb, 2022
While focusing on de-carbonisation and cleaner energy options, the potential implications on social equity and distributional impacts on coal enrich states and their social and economic sector are very high, and hence, calls for a transition that is just and fair. Just Transition needs to consider a broad range of social and economic sectors, geographic locations, diverse stakeholders and time horizons. Coal is the major source of revenue and employment for resource-rich states such as Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, and Madhya Pradesh. Just Transition should occur in a phased manner. 

WSDS 2022-Thematic Track: People-Centred Transition – An Indian Perspective

16 Feb, 2022
The session largely focused on how given the emission leakage, India needs to start moving beyond the coal narrative and focus on just transition efforts across different fossil fuel industries. This will help the policymakers create a regularized and common framework that can seamlessly be implemented across different frameworks. 

WSDS 2022 Thematic Track: Driving a just transition to renewable energy in India

16 Feb, 2022
Driving a Just Energy Transition highlighted how renewable energy is scaling in India and the world over, and is expected to contribute significantly to the fight against climate change. This critical moment in the development sector is witnessing several changes with respect to policy priorities, financing models, and building industries including renewable energy, directed at developing resilience against future shocks. 

WSDS 2021 Virtual Dialogue: Second pre-event on Energy Transition

20 Jul, 2020
WSDS 2021 Virtual Dialogue: Second pre-event on Energy Transition

Just Transition – Planning for a Post Coal Future

22 Jun, 2021
The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) organised a webinar on "Just Transition – Planning For A Post Coal Future" with support from Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) on 24 June, 2021. The event included a panel discussion and the launch of two working papers prepared by TERI on Just Transition. This webinar specifically discussed and examined the